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30 July 2020

New DLR solar tower enables parallel tests

With the new multifocus tower, the German Aerospace Center (DLR) is expanding its globally unique test plant in Jülich.

The new DLR multifocus tower can be operated in parallel to the existing solar tower. It has three experimental levels. This allows different technologies to be tested and developed simultaneously. The demand for test capacities has increased over the years, which is why the capacity of the first solar tower is no longer sufficient.

Research on cost-effective thermal storage media and hydrogen production

One of the future research priorities will be hydrogen production for a sustainable energy system. Hydrogen is one of the starting materials for the production of so-called solar fuels. These solar fuels are CO₂-neutral alternatives to conventional fuels from fossil resources. The DLR is also conducting research into low-loss and inexpensive thermal storage materials, such as ceramic particles and liquid salt as storage media for solar power plants.

The construction of the new multifocus tower was partly funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy with over one million euros.

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