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System integration

A key objective of the research funding is the improvement of the system-friendliness and cost-effectiveness of bioenergy plants used for biochemical and thermo-chemical conversion of biomass through measures designed to raise efficiency and flexibility. In this area, advanced plant component development is needed as well as higher overall efficiencies, for instance via combined electricity and heat supply.

To promote the integration of bioenergy into the overall energy system, research activities are being launched to achieve system-friendly increases in the flexibility of bioenergy plants at a high overall efficiency level. Aside from plant repowering, the focus is also on new and advanced developments of viable business models and system services. A further aim is the development of standardised smart and secure information, communication and control interfaces in order to link bioenergy with other fluctuating storable energy sources.

Overall, the objective is to develop lower-cost and more efficient approaches to achieving substantial cuts in emissions in the context of a sustainable bioenergy supply.

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