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Turbo machines

Turbo machine technology is a key element of the energy transformation. The machines are needed for the conversion, storage and transport of renewable energy. They are central components of power-to-X-to-power technologies. Future decentralised generation and distribution systems cannot work without them, especially due to their energetically advantageous combination of heat and power.

In addition, turbo machines in conventional power plants continue to guarantee supply security, economic efficiency and grid stability. The modern and large pool of German power plants offers the opportunity to implement optimum system integration of renewable and conventional power generation and ensures the sustainable transition to an energy system based on renewable energies.

Research aims to substantially raise fuel and load flexibility. To this end, the processes, systems and service life of the overall plants and their components need to be enhanced, including thermodynamic and aerodynamic advances such as higher operating temperatures and cooling system optimisation. In the fields of heat transfer and combustion systems, ignition and flame stability are to be improved.

Materials research, in turn, focuses on changes in operating cycles, including corrosion investigations associated with different fuel compositions, composite and ceramic materials as well as high temperature resistant materials for turbines. Retrofit measures, including CO2 capture and utilisation (CCU) also concentrate on upgrading existing plants in terms of fuel and operational flexibility.

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