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15. December 2020

New call for funding for CO2 capture and utilisation in the primary industry

The BMWi supports research projects that further develop CO2 capture methods and CO2 utilisation.

Between 1990 and 2018, German industrial enterprises reduced their CO2 emissions by around 30 per cent. Nevertheless, there is still a lot to do. Industry is still responsible for about one fifth of greenhouse gas emissions. With this new funding call, the German government therefore aims to close gaps for the application of CCU (Carbon Capture Utilisation) technologies in the primary industry and, in particular, to reduce process-related emissions.

The focal area of the new funding call by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy is on the further development of a range of CO2 capture processes and CO2 utilisation. The German government sees this as a crucial starting point for achieving the desired comprehensive CCU process chains, from capture to infrastructure to further processing of the captured carbon dioxide.

Joint projects are particularly sought after

Applications may be submitted by commercial enterprises with a permanent establishment or branch in Germany as well as universities, non-university research institutions, regional bodies, public administrations, associations, federations and foundations.

The funding call is part of the funding programme "CO2 avoidance and use in primary industries". In a first phase, the established framework of the 7th Energy Research Programme will now be used to support projects with a higher research content. Large CCU/CCS demonstration projects, which may require individual notification to the European Union, will be funded in a second phase, which will be presented promptly in a separate funding guideline.

All the necessary information for applicants is provided by energieforschung.de, the BMWi's umbrella portal for applied energy research. Project outlines can be submitted to Project Management Jülich. Deadline for submission of a first selection of outlines is 15 March 2021.

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