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18 June 2019

Roadmap for providing system services with renewables in progress

Experts from the Renewable Energies and Electricity Networks research networks are now setting out in a research roadmap which technical solutions will be necessary and at what point in time in order to keep the electricity grid stable given the increasing share of electricity from renewable sources. The networks are thus drawing up a timetable for the expected need for research and development in the system services area. The topic arose during a workshop on system services in both research networks.

Given the large number of issues raised there and the required research goals, the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) agreed with the wish for a research roadmap for this area. The roadmap must take various aspects into account: the further expansion of renewable energies and electricity grids involves the expansion of storage facilities, increasing links to other sectors such as the heating and transport sectors, and other approaches such as smart grids or the increasing local consumption of the electricity generated. With the help of the roadmap, it is intended to adapt research and development more specifically to the expected expansion stages and make the required solutions available on time.

First version in autumn 2019

A group of experts consisting of workshop participants are currently working on an initial proposal for a corresponding research roadmap. In the autumn this draft will be made available to the other members of both networks on the intranet and can be discussed there. By the end of the year, under the management of the lead group, a version shall be developed that can be handed over to the BMWi. At the beginning of 2020, the networks plan to discuss the document with representatives from the BMWi in an open exchange of views.

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